Addressing Cultural and Racial Bias, Racism and Otherism

This two hour event will be two parts. In the first hour Rev. Seiho Morris will share his developed framework and approach in working with cultural and racial bias, racism and otherism; as a process and practice of harm reduction. This is through mindful engagement with Ahimsa, The Eightfold Path of Buddhism and relationship with skillful means. In the second hour, the floor will open to questions, answers and dialog, concerning cultural and racial bias, racism and otherism; including how we might work with it to cultivate and support equanimity in our difficult times.

Book Club: How To Be An Antiracist

Every Other Tuesday, 7pm: Book Club Series: How to Be an Antiracist. The Allyship Program Book Club presents a book club discussion for How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. Contact us to join this online discussion, or learn more about this event. Event meetings listed below (click a date to see the calendar entry): Oct 13, 7pm Oct 27, 7pm…

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