Welcome to The Marici Fellowship Dana Garden Project

created by His Eminence Avikrita Sakya Rinpoche, to be of benefit for all.

The Marici Dana Garden (dana means “giving” in Sanskrit) was created to grow and provide fresh vegetables to those that are unable to otherwise obtain fresh foods due to financial hardships or other factors. The Dana Garden also helps build a community of caring volunteers to nurture both the plants themselves as well as watering the seeds of Bodhicitta within.

The garden itself consists of a 400 sqft plot of land at the Picardo Farm P Patch Garden near the Wedgewood area in NW Seattle.

We have established a Healthy, vibrant garden that has provided fresh vegetables to underhoused communities and food banks, and we have initiated a program to help sangha members that are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID and other health setbacks. We plan to continue to build on these activities each year throughout the growing season, from Early March to the end of October. Read below to find out how you can join this project. 

Please check the Marci Fellowship News Blog to see what we have been up to in the Dana Garden!


How To Participate

Are you interested in participating in this exciting and beneficial project? Want to help grow food for the benefit of all? You do not need to be a professional gardener! We have garden leads that will get you started, and the P Patch provides all the tools you need except the Garden gloves! Contact us to get started.

What is involved in Tending and Caring

 for the The Marici Dana Garden?


We are always looking for volunteers to

  • Water plants: enjoy fresh air and the relaxing activity of watering the plants, this will be in rotation with other volunteers, it is quite pleasant especially in the early morning and at dusk when it is quiet and peaceful.
  • Clear weeds: a very meditative and satisfying exercise.
  • Harvest super fun and yummy- did we mention volunteers also get fresh veggies? 🙂
  • Coordinate with local sources: connect with organizations that are helping feed those in need, to better understand the needs of the community so food will go where it is most needed. Very important, because these connections also help other Marici Fellowship projects to help those in need.
  • Delivery of harvested food: very special opportunity connecting with the people who receive this food
  • Help plan for the future: Just planting the seed in case someone out there has some ideas growing – ha ha I know, lots of puns but puns are so fun!

And there is so much more! Just send an email to info@marici-fellowship.org and we'll reach out to you with more information.

Garden Activity during COVID-19

While this is an unusual and very difficult time for many, we believe that being outside in a garden and tending to plants can really be a nourishing and grounding experience. We encourage people to come and visit the site to see what’s happening. Even if you aren't volunteering, come get some fresh air and feel the sun and smell the flowers.

Safety Protocols at the Dana Garden

We are being very careful and are observing physical distancing protocol. We ask that there be no more then 3-4 people on the plot at one time. Masks and gloves are required when in the presence of others. If you go to visit and there are folks working, please be mindful of these restrictions.

Dana Garden Orientation

If you sign up to be a Marici Dana Garden volunteer you will receive a short introduction to the garden by one of the leads, and written information on gardening at the P-Patch will be emailed to you.

More Information

If you would like more information or to volunteer, please email info@marici-fellowship.org