The Marici Fellowship is helping to shine light on the daily struggles and problems faced in our society today, with the goal of bringing us together, building awareness, dissolving barriers, and finding solutions. To this end, the fellowship sponsors many events in locations around the world to help provide support to those who need it most. This page highlights our coming events, which can be found on the Events Calendar as well. You can view pictures of our past events on the Events Archive page. All are welcome to join these free events. To read more about an event or to sign up, click the link of the event name.

Event List

Note: Due to precautions being taken for COVID-19, there will be no in-person events and limited access to the Monastery.  In keeping with these precautions, monthly Meal service to Tiny Cabins / Safe Harbor (TC5) will be handled by just a few of the Marici Fellowship coordinators. Once we believe it is safe to resume volunteer operations we will post an announcement. Until then, please consider a donation to support the ongoing meal service.

Monday Sept 21st, 7-9pm: Cultural Bias, Racism and Otherism with Rev. Seiho Morris. An ordained Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk, the Rev. Seiho Morris will share his developed framework and approach in working with cultural and racial bias, racism and otherism, and host an open discussion.

Every Other Tuesday, 7pm: Book Club Series: How to Be an Antiracist. The Allyship Program Book Club presents a book club discussion for How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. Contact us to join this online discussion, or learn more about this event. Event meetings listed below (click a date to see the calendar entry):

To suggest a new event, speaker or other activity, please contact us at