Occidental Park: Similar to last year, along with serving food and handing out bags there under a Canopy, we went out searching for people walking several downtown blocks with bags of needed supplies and food delivering everything by hand.

Leading several of the people we spoke with on the street back to our Canopy for food and bags, I attempted to strike up a conversation. I chose a very big tall man to talk to in particular who did not say a word. I stated our mission to feed and offer supplies and after moments of silence, tears welled up and began rolling down his face. ”You guys are really wonderful, Thank you for helping.” I stretched my arm out to him and reached far up to pat his shoulder area to console him in his time of vulnerable expression and felt an immense rush of energy.

After guiding this group to our base Canopy, I used this energy as added motivation. Coupled with adrenaline at that point, I had a Marici Fellowship Energy Body concoction frothing I needed to share. Traveling back out again resupplied, our group of Marici Volunteers found a bench completely covered with an open sleeping bag with someone(s) underneath. Prompted by a Fellowship person, I stated out loud, “Hello, Marici Fellowship with bags and food! Would you care to have any?” The person(s) responded “Why are you bothering us sleeping?” A person unveiled the sleeping bag covering and looked at me initially with apprehension and anger which immediately turned to calmness when he noticed my smile and hand stretched out with a bag to offer. I divulged briefly our mission to help others and directed him to hot food (burritoes, chips, bananas, etc.)  He began stating ”Thank you so much” and “God Bless!” Later we met at our Canopy site, he shook my hand & smiled. I felt a sense of warmth and enduring compassion which hopefully, I’m able to share for years to come. ☺️📿

More stories swirl in my head although these two were most memorable.