Our time at Urban Rest Stop

by Bryanna Anadilla, Marici Fellowship Volunteer Lead 

Our new friend Mitchell wanted a photo with all of us together saying that he would be really happy to find a library and check his email for it.

We had many conversations with new friends George, Chris, Dwayne, Mitchel and Luis, who came from all different backgrounds and from many different places including Nevada, Chicago, Minnesota and many more. Talking with each of them, we were careful to make sure we listened to them, and heard how they felt.  We made sure to let them know we cared about who they were.

One women came by and we asked if she’d like some hot cocoa and warm food, She burst out “ Oh my goodness!” And began to cry while saying thank you. After we set her up with food and a bag, we talked about how she was doing and she shared that it was so nice that we cared. I gave her a big hug and she wished us a blessed day.

After seeing all of these reactions to what we were doing, our volunteers reflected on how important this activity was and  how happy we felt to connect with each of the  friends  we reached while  volunteering for this event.