Thank you for your interest in the Seattle Summer Campout Event. This camp will be filled with relaxing family-friendly camp experiences, along with a variety of Dharma activities. There is something for everyone!


Registration for the event is $60 per family which covers your campground reservation, shared meals and all weekend activities. Participation in Dharma activities is optional but highly recommended, as His Eminence Khondung Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche will be presiding over them. You will bring your own tent(s), sleeping gear, personal food and anything else you like to camp with. The campsites will fit two groups comfortably. If your party is larger (e.g. you have a second full size tent) you will need a second reservation. Registration for this event is required, and the number of available sites is limited, so early registration is encouraged.


Although there will be vegetarian community meals at the campsite, you are encouraged to bring food with you will be for your personal meals and snacks throughout the event.


If you would prefer to stay at a hotel or just visit the camp on a daily basis, you do not need to fill out the registration form below. Simply Sign Up Here. We will collect donations at the event if you decide to share in community meals, otherwise no fee is required.


This is a wonderful opportunity for fun and fellowship. If the suggested costs present a challenge, please know we will have scholarships available. Contact the Sakya Monastery to make us aware of your specific needs, or check the box below. No one will be turned away due to insufficient funds.



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每个家庭只能携带一顶大帐篷或两顶小帐篷。若您需要更多空间,您需要预定两个营地。您是否需要更多空间?(是 否)
您是否需要交通安排?(是 否)
您是否可以为别人提供交通?(是 否)
您是否能够给别人提供必要的资助以参加活动?(是 否)
您是否需要全部或部分资助?如果需要我们将联系您以获得更好理解 (是 否)

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