Marici Fellowship Scheduling Updates in light of Covid-19

Events Impacted by Covid 19 Virus

Due to safety concerns regarding the outbreak of coronavirus, The Marici Fellowship must alter our schedule of events for the foreseeable future. Effective immediately, regular meal service to Tiny Cabins/Safe Harbor in Seattle will not be accepting any new volunteers. This is for the safety of those living at Tiny Cabins / Safe Harbor, as well as for our volunteer community and the monastery. We will continue to provide hot meals to the residents, but we will not stay for service. If you would like to be involved, please consider a donation to help the meal preparation.

Because we do not yet know how long the coronavirus will impact our lives, future events may be impacted as well. Please continue to monitor our website calendar for updates. And in the mean time, stay safe and healthy!


2020 Summer Campout

Due to the uncertainty of duration for Covid-19, the summer campout has been canceled. We hope to have the annual campout return next year.


Offering to help those in need

Many members of the Fellowship are asking how they can help others during this time of need. If you would like to offer help or would like to be involved in the planning of such help, please email us.

If you are in need of help, please contact us and let us know what area you live in and what your needs are.

The situation with Covid-19 precautions is constantly changing, so we will try our best to match those in need with those that are offering to help.

During these stressful times, it is important to keep in mind the goal of the Marici Fellowship: shining the light of compassion on those who need it most. Typically we think of helping others, but right now each one of us could use some compassion! Please keep yourself safe and healthy as part of your practice to benefit all sentient beings.