Marici Yatra

The first ever Marici Yatra took place near Granite Falls in Washington State on Aug 21, 2022. More than 40 Fellowship members and monks attended.

group photo of all fellowship members seated and standing in rows

Rinpoche led the "yatra," guiding participants in establishing the right motivation then the process of visualizing the objects of refuge and reciting mantras to transform an ordinary hike in nature into an extraordinary pilgrimage dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings. This was followed by a Marici Smoke Puja then a vegetarian shared lunch.



In the afternoon, the initiation of Avalokiteshvara Simhanada (Lion's Roar) was bestowed, followed by a group practice led by Rinpoche.

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Thank you to all who came, and to Rinpoche for the wonderful blessings!