Caring By Sharing 2021: “Warm Nights” Sleeping Bag Drive

Caring By Sharing "Warm Nights" Sleeping Bag Drive

Help us say goodbye to 2020 and begin the New Year with compassion by bringing warmth to those in need!

The Caring by Sharing Event is very different this Winter due to COVID concerns.

Rather than gathering a large group of volunteers to meet, shop, pack, prepare food and deliver items for the event, we will have a smaller group of dedicated Volunteers that will be working with minimum contact to each other, as well as those we wish to serve.

We are greatly saddened this year that we are unable to make the personal connections Marici Fellowship usually makes between the volunteers and with the communities we serve, but for this event our focus must be on helping get crucial needs met. We all await the return to our normal events in the future.

The Plan this Winter

On January 9th 2021 The Marici Fellowship will be providing Sleeping Bags to 200 people who have found themselves living outside in the cold this winter.

Special focus will also be placed on Tiny House village underhoused communities, where the more immediate need is food. We will be organizing Food drops to help fill their pantries in these locations: Ballard, Magnolia and Georgetown.

We will be collecting donations through January 6th. A donation of $30 provides one sleeping bag to someone in need. Any donations we receive beyond our goal of 200 sleeping bags will help to fulfill our other aspiration of providing warm socks and other needed items to those living in tent encampments along roadways across Seattle. Donations will be distributed on January 9th by Marici Fellowship volunteers.

Please donate below. You can also download the flyer and help spread the word!

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