2020 Caring By Sharing Event Pictures


We would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all who joined us February 28th-29th for the Marici Fellowship Caring by Sharing Big Winter Event!

The goal of Marici Fellowship, when created by His Eminence Khöndung Avikrita Vajra Sakya Rinpoche, was to “Put the Dharma into action for the benefit of all beings.” With this as our focus, we were able to reach out and connect with those in need in local and outlying communities all around Seattle. Giving out helpful items, warm nutritious food, hot chocolate, and most of all letting these communities know that they are cared for, and have not been forgotten.

It was  also important to Avikrita Rinpoche that this not be an event where we are simply giving items to those living without homes, but that there be a compassionate exchange between people. An understanding of our shared humanity, and that even though our struggles may be different we are all equal,  we believe this happened in a wonderful way.

Here is the rundown of how the event took place and what was accomplished:

  • 35-40 Volunteers attended the Sort and pack event on Friday night with another 35-40 volunteers coming in on Saturday to participate in the food prep, organizing, and packing along with coming together in teams to venture out to sites around the city.
  • People served: 500 bags and meals were given to those in need in these areas around Seattle: Greenwood, Ballard, Lake City, Downtown / Occidental park
  • Bags and meals were also given to help persons attending the organizations listed below:

Teen Feed:  Bags where donated and very appreciated
United We Stand Tent encampment: bags and meals were given out
Millionaire’s club:  Bags and food service -  a group of volunteers handed out the bags and helped serve dinner to the community there.
Lazarus Center: donations of assorted breads, buns rolls and bagels they assured us these items were very needed and would be eaten up fast.
Mary’s Place: Donations of clothes, coats, shoes, children’s sleeping bags and car seats

  • A giant pot of soup went to Tiny Cabins / Safe Harbor village in Interbay. When we went back to retrieve the pot they asked us to leave it for another day, they were enjoying it so much, and the smell of home made soup filled the camp which made them really happy.
  • Extra bags went out with volunteers in their own cars to parks and other places around the city where there were people in need.
  • On Sunday after prayers, many Sangha members took bags with them to keep in the car ready to hand to someone they come across while commuting.

H.E. Avikrita Rinpoche wanted us to know he was very happy with how everything went and felt such love and generosity in the fellowship. We would also like Rinpoche to know that we are all so very thankful to him for creating The Marici Fellowship, and the many opportunities to practice dharma, open our hearts by putting compassion into action,  and the opportunities to realize the connection we all have to each other.

Thank you Rinpoche.

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