Helping local underhoused communities has been a heart project of H. E. Avikrita Rinpoche since the beginning of The Marici Fellowship in 2018. Reaching out to these communities to provide meals and essential items continues to be one of Marici Fellowship’s core activities: bringing our dharma practices off the cushion in a way that builds community, helping to nourish a sense of belonging, and providing needed food and other essential items is at the heart of our mission. The following projects are dedicated to addressing the needs of homeless communities all around Seattle.

Since The Marici fellowship’s beginning, we have been providing monthly hot meals to many shelters and encampments around the world. We provide regular meal offerings to various communities, like the Bob G Shelter in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood.  

Tiny Cabins Safe Harbor


We are happy to add that through the commitment of dedicated volunteers we were able to continue to deliver these meals even during this time of the COVID pandemic. Although restrictions mean we cannot come together in groups to prepare these wholesome meals, nor can we spend time with the sheltered communities while serving the meals, our connection with the families at TCSH Interbay Village and Bob G's still remains and continues to grow.

Along with the regular monthly meal service, dedicated volunteers are making sack lunches for an ever-growing community living in Lake City and surrounding areas of Seattle.

If you are interested in lending a hand, we would love to have you help! Check our Coming Events page for opportunities to join us in providing meals to these communities.


Marici Food Service


Through regularly scheduled Big Events called “Caring by Sharing” we have gathered large donations of needed items such as warm clothing, socks, first aid kits, raincoats, sleeping bags canned food, and with volunteers coming from all over we were able to give these items out to communities in need all over Seattle. See our blog post for more images!


Throughout the growing season we are now making regular donations of fresh vegetables grown in the Marici Fellowship Dana Garden Program. Donations have included fresh Zucchini, beets, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes and more to local food banks.